Monday, 18 October 2010


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Take me to the throne
Lift me up in prayer
When you are kneeling
At your bedside there
Pray for me in earnest
Bended on your knee
When you talk to God
Please tell Him of me


Carry my name to Him
Don’t leave me all alone
When you kneel in prayer
Take me to the throne

There’s sickness in my life
Pain I cannot bear
Sorrow floods my soul
And no one seems to care
Whisper my name to Him
Let my fears be known
When you pray again
Take me to the throne


Tell Him of my heartaches
The torrent of my tears
The burdens that I carry
My doubts and my fears
Who can I turn to
Except my sister, brother
Did He not ask of us
To pray for one another


To help bear the burden
To lift a heavy load
Help one who stumbles
Along life’s weary road
When you visit God again
Please don’t go alone
Remember me my friend
Take me to the throne


Colin Moffett
Singer....Gerti Blackwell

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