Tuesday, 19 October 2010


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Sing rejoyce
Praise with voice
Despair it did depart
Jesus made me whole
Saved my soul
Give sunshine in my heart


Golden sunshine let it shine
Let it shine today
The way is bright, my heart is light
As Jesus leads the way

Skies are grey
No sunny ray
Shines from darkened cloud.
But I go along
Sing a happy song
And praise my Lord aloud


Now burdens lifted
New life is gifted
A prisoner from sin set free
I called His name
My Saviour came
And took my guilt from me


The veil of tears
The lonely years
I knew them o so long
But with gentle touch
He changed so much
And give me this new song


I am redeemed
Of happiness dreamed
He gives to me and more
I asked Him in
He washed my sin
My Jesus whom I adore


I came through grace
Found a resting place
In the One who does impart
Righteousness to me
By His blood set free
Putting sunshine in my heart


Colin Moffett
Singer.....Joyce Close

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