Monday, 18 October 2010


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I am set free His blood covers me
My Saviour dwells within
Jesus made a start in the realms of my heart
To cleanse me of my sin

This now my story I am headed for the Glory
When in death my soul takes wing
Or in the rising to the air I will meet Him there
When all of the Saints He will bring

He is my all in all the One whom I can call
For His ear is open for my prayer
In Him I shall abide, He never leaves my side
And my soul rests in His care

He calms with a gentle touch, I love Him so much
With joy my lips shall sing
Praises to Him alone for He did atone
And salvation to me did bring

I shall tell it again, hear now then
Of the Christ who set me free
To Him I did bow, no condemnation now
For halleluiah His blood covers me

Colin Moffett
Singer....Gerti Blackwell

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