Wednesday, 20 October 2010


They held each others weathered hands
On their fingers faded golden bands
Time had marched on, now late in life
Sixty years had passed as man and wife

A long time from when they did say
We’ll take each other, that Valentine’s Day
Tears ran down the old man’s cheek
With trembling voice he began to speak

Rose I have loved you all these years
Through ups and downs, joys and tears
His voice it trembled, to speak was hard
Remember Rose that Valentine’s card

You sent the year before we wed
Revealing your heart in all it said
One year later you became my wife
Sixty years together, sharing life

My Rose, my Rose we have walked the way
Along life’s journey with God each day
The day we wed, we asked the Lord
To be with us and He kept His word

Such love, such peace, it was the first time
We knew so much joy on any Valentine
Now you are going to that golden shore
I love you Rose but God loves you more

I know my Rose you are going away
Leaving me darling this Valentine’s Day
He squeezed her hand, more tears were shed
Her life ebbing away in that hospital bed

The Lord gives and the Lord He will take
In letting you go my heart it will break
Then he realised she was gathered to the fold
Her hand in his was now stony cold

The old man sighed and kissed her head
Then in sad farewell he quietly said
God has taken you to heaven above
Goodbye darling Rose, my Valentine love

Colin Moffett
Singer......Joyce Close


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I climbed the mountainside
Clambered over rock and stone
Felt the peace of solitude
On its peak silently alone

Then I saw it blooming there
Though its leaves were torn, tattered
The wildflower of the mountain
With strong winds cruelly battered

I could see it struggled hard to live
Of its plight I took some pity
Mountain wildflower why bloom here
Come to my garden in the city

There you will live in calmer clime
Your life will be more at ease
No strong wind will harm your there
Your face kissed then by gentle breeze

I seemed to hear its voice reply
On its face a raindrop tear
I cannot go to a city garden
For my home is on the mountain here

God has planted me where He would
Here my abode the mountain high
If you took me from its slopes
Then alas my heart would die

Here I am nearer Heaven’s sky
He has blessed with such a view to see
Of all the places I could have been
This was the home He had for me

Battered yes and bruised my leaves
Yet the sun shines on my face
Remove me not for not His will
That I should ever leave this place

I descended from the mountainside
Over me again its peak did tower
Pondering over the lesson I had learned
Taught to me by the sweet wildflower

Colin Moffett
Singers.....The Country Three...Gerti,Patty,Judy


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I often walk in memory
To my home of long ago
The trees growing round about
Where a river through a yard did flow
Back to the scenes of childhood
Of things I remember still
The white thatched house in the valley
Neath the shadow of the Old Blackkhill
I see in my minds eye
The scenes that go by
The row of washing on the line
Where Mum hung it out to dry
The well of spring water
That quenched our thirst each day
And the chaff mattress on the beds
When down to sleep we lay

Memories my memories
Of the place where I abode
The place of my childhood
On that corner of the old Race Road 

I often walked the meadow
Fished sticklebacks from a stream
Lay on its grassy banks
Where a young boy he could dream
It’s where I met my Saviour
Who means the world to me
I give him a young boy’s heart
And He set it gloriously free
So many things that happened
Of them I can recall
But it would take far too long
For me to relate them all
I see the open fire
Replaced by a stove glowing hot
To fry a pan of onions
Or boil potatoes in a pot


The table by the window
Where the family it did dine
Mum and Dad sitting there
With their family of nine
The Tilley lamp lit at night
Was modernised to gas
The wireless and record player
Helped the time to pass
The outside toilet in the yard
Gas mantles lit with a match
The roof letting the raindrops in
So my Dad replaced the thatch
Forever I will carry
These memories of yesterday
The scenes of my childhood
When thoughts to them will stray


Colin Moffett
Singer.....Joyce Close


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Crimson tide; flowing wide
Plunging deep within
The rising flood of Jesus’ blood
It cleansed my soul from sin
At the cross; see the loss
Of that crimson flow
From Jesus’ side; gaping wide
From a swords’ cruel blow


Blood of the Lamb; cleansed I am
It washed my sins away
Crimson tide; flowing wide
Sinners bathe in it today

His hands impaled and roughly nailed
To that centre tree
Thorn crowned head; dripping red
And there He died for me
He arose again; so that we then
May know the cleansing purge
Of blood drops red; that were shed
And from His side did surge


Blood of the Lamb; cleansed I am
It washed my sins away
Crimson tide; flowing wide
Sinners bathe in it today

Colin Moffett
Singer.....Martin Moore

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


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Blue Hills of Antrim and green glens as well
The coastal road by the mighty ocean swell
Meadows and forests and where rivers run free
The countryside of home is where I will be

Oh Ireland my country, my dear lovely land
Created with such beauty by God’s mighty hand
As my life lingers on and I can breathe still awhile
I’ll thank Him each day for this Emerald Isle

Breathing the air so pure and so clean
Treading upon the grass so rich and so green
The beauty on offer is what I enjoy
It pulls at the heartstrings of this country boy


I will walk this land as long as I may
The hillsides and valleys and by the coastal way
And ponder in my heart, how can it be
That a land more beautiful is waiting for me


When I close my eyes and bid a last farewell
To the hills, quiet forests and the mighty ocean swell
When Ireland her glens I never more will roam
I shall see greater beauty in my heavenly land of home

Colin Moffett
 Singer....Joyve Close


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Sing rejoyce
Praise with voice
Despair it did depart
Jesus made me whole
Saved my soul
Give sunshine in my heart


Golden sunshine let it shine
Let it shine today
The way is bright, my heart is light
As Jesus leads the way

Skies are grey
No sunny ray
Shines from darkened cloud.
But I go along
Sing a happy song
And praise my Lord aloud


Now burdens lifted
New life is gifted
A prisoner from sin set free
I called His name
My Saviour came
And took my guilt from me


The veil of tears
The lonely years
I knew them o so long
But with gentle touch
He changed so much
And give me this new song


I am redeemed
Of happiness dreamed
He gives to me and more
I asked Him in
He washed my sin
My Jesus whom I adore


I came through grace
Found a resting place
In the One who does impart
Righteousness to me
By His blood set free
Putting sunshine in my heart


Colin Moffett
Singer.....Joyce Close


Just three words said it all 
From the cross came the call 
Just before He bowed His head 
These are the words my Saviour said 

It is finished, yes it’s finished
There was nothing more my Saviour could do
It is finished, yes it’s finished
As Jesus died on a cross for me and you

All the work now was done
Finished there by the Son
He fulfilled His Father’s will
As He died for all on that hill


All debt for sin was paid
All guilt on Him was laid
For redemption He gave all
As from dying lips came that call


Just trust in Him alone
Works of yours can’t atone
For sins that destroy your soul
Only Jesus can make you whole


Just those words from that tree
Finished work in those three
Atonement now, full complete
Hear again His loud voice repeat

Colin Moffett
Singer....Joyce Close

Monday, 18 October 2010


Sitting weeding one fine day
In glorious sun of early May
I reached forward to clear more land
When a little frog jumped on my hand

I got a shock there’s no doubt
I did not scream but gave a shout
For you see I got a scare
To have that frog sitting there

Feeling cold and a little wet
It sends shivers up my spine yet
I had shouted but it never spoke
Not a whisper or a croak

On my hand taking a seat
With bulging eyes and webbed feet
I looked at it, it looked back
The hairs were rising on my neck

I was recovering from the shock
Felt my knees no longer knock
Wishing it would hop away a mile
But it only seemed to give a smile

And I fancied yes somehow
The frog was speaking to me now
To hop on your hand give me pardon
But thank you for this lovely garden

I spend so many happy hours
Catching flies among the flowers
But most of all of this I’m fond
The deep still water of the pond

No water pools in countryside
But in your pond I can hide
In its water I can spawn
For meadow dams now are gone

I know you find me repulsive here
Although from your garden I clear
The pests and flies and nasty bug
And most of all the slimy slug

No home for me in dried up bog
But your garden is heaven for a frog
Now that is all I have got to say
As from my hand he leaped away

I turned again to weed the sod
Thinking how our sin repulsed our God
Yet He loved us just the same
Sacrificed His Son to take our blame

He who is holy and so just
Could have shunned us in disgust
From His presence forever banned
But He reaches out with His hand

Bids us come hold it tight
For we are precious in His sight
Not like me to my shame
When to my hand a frog it came

What if God treated us this way?
I am repulsed by you, hear Him say
No habitat in His garden above
We are too revolting for Him to love

A frog I fancied begged my pardon
Thanked me for a beautiful garden
So on my knees I called Jesus name
To thank Him for granting me the same

Colin Moffett
Singer......Joyce Close


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Take me to the throne
Lift me up in prayer
When you are kneeling
At your bedside there
Pray for me in earnest
Bended on your knee
When you talk to God
Please tell Him of me


Carry my name to Him
Don’t leave me all alone
When you kneel in prayer
Take me to the throne

There’s sickness in my life
Pain I cannot bear
Sorrow floods my soul
And no one seems to care
Whisper my name to Him
Let my fears be known
When you pray again
Take me to the throne


Tell Him of my heartaches
The torrent of my tears
The burdens that I carry
My doubts and my fears
Who can I turn to
Except my sister, brother
Did He not ask of us
To pray for one another


To help bear the burden
To lift a heavy load
Help one who stumbles
Along life’s weary road
When you visit God again
Please don’t go alone
Remember me my friend
Take me to the throne


Colin Moffett
Singer....Gerti Blackwell


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I am set free His blood covers me
My Saviour dwells within
Jesus made a start in the realms of my heart
To cleanse me of my sin

This now my story I am headed for the Glory
When in death my soul takes wing
Or in the rising to the air I will meet Him there
When all of the Saints He will bring

He is my all in all the One whom I can call
For His ear is open for my prayer
In Him I shall abide, He never leaves my side
And my soul rests in His care

He calms with a gentle touch, I love Him so much
With joy my lips shall sing
Praises to Him alone for He did atone
And salvation to me did bring

I shall tell it again, hear now then
Of the Christ who set me free
To Him I did bow, no condemnation now
For halleluiah His blood covers me

Colin Moffett
Singer....Gerti Blackwell


Heaven’s gates are opening
Slowly swinging wide
A gentle voice is calling
It’s time to come inside
The journey home is ended
Weary was your way
I guided your every footstep
And give you strength each day


Heaven now your home
Come in come in well done
Your earthly journey is over
And your race now is run

I counted your every breath
Each beating of your heart
When you simply trusted me
And for Home you made a start
The angels now are welcoming
The streets of gold in view
And in my Father’s house
A mansion waits for you

No more the heartaches
The doubts and the fears
I will gently reach my hand
And brush away your tears
There is no more darkness
Neither day or night
Death will never touch you
And your attire a robe of white

Hear how I eagerly greet you
Welcome home my child
The lost lamb I searched for
Gathered from the mountain wild
I died for you in agony
On cross I took your place
I rose for you in triumph
And saved you by my grace

Gaze upon my princely head
Once crowned with thorn for you
See my nail scarred hands
As I reach to you my two
For I am welcoming you to Heaven
This place of perfect peace
Where joy and happiness is yours
In an eternity that will never cease


Colin Moffett
Singer.....Joyce Close


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Faith can move the mountain
That shadows the burdened heart
The high cliffs of despair
Will collapse and depart
Faith will lower the top
Of the mountain peak
Though faith’s strength be faltering
Feeble, trembling, weak

Faith can move the mountain
Lower it to the ground
When you look again
That mountain cannot be found
Eat of the Bread of Life
Drink from the living fountain
Put your faith in God
And it will move the mountain

You cannot see the way ahead
The mountain blocks the view
But a faith that’s exercised
Will make it flee from you
It’s the mountain of your burdens
Growing higher every day
Call in faith to God
And it will move away

Why try to climb its side
For you have not the might
In your strength alone
To scale its lofty height
Just put your faith in God
Call on Him and see
The mountain in your path
Arise away and flee

Colin Moffett
Singer....Joyce Close