Wednesday, 20 October 2010


They held each others weathered hands
On their fingers faded golden bands
Time had marched on, now late in life
Sixty years had passed as man and wife

A long time from when they did say
We’ll take each other, that Valentine’s Day
Tears ran down the old man’s cheek
With trembling voice he began to speak

Rose I have loved you all these years
Through ups and downs, joys and tears
His voice it trembled, to speak was hard
Remember Rose that Valentine’s card

You sent the year before we wed
Revealing your heart in all it said
One year later you became my wife
Sixty years together, sharing life

My Rose, my Rose we have walked the way
Along life’s journey with God each day
The day we wed, we asked the Lord
To be with us and He kept His word

Such love, such peace, it was the first time
We knew so much joy on any Valentine
Now you are going to that golden shore
I love you Rose but God loves you more

I know my Rose you are going away
Leaving me darling this Valentine’s Day
He squeezed her hand, more tears were shed
Her life ebbing away in that hospital bed

The Lord gives and the Lord He will take
In letting you go my heart it will break
Then he realised she was gathered to the fold
Her hand in his was now stony cold

The old man sighed and kissed her head
Then in sad farewell he quietly said
God has taken you to heaven above
Goodbye darling Rose, my Valentine love

Colin Moffett
Singer......Joyce Close

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