Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Just three words said it all 
From the cross came the call 
Just before He bowed His head 
These are the words my Saviour said 

It is finished, yes it’s finished
There was nothing more my Saviour could do
It is finished, yes it’s finished
As Jesus died on a cross for me and you

All the work now was done
Finished there by the Son
He fulfilled His Father’s will
As He died for all on that hill


All debt for sin was paid
All guilt on Him was laid
For redemption He gave all
As from dying lips came that call


Just trust in Him alone
Works of yours can’t atone
For sins that destroy your soul
Only Jesus can make you whole


Just those words from that tree
Finished work in those three
Atonement now, full complete
Hear again His loud voice repeat

Colin Moffett
Singer....Joyce Close

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