Monday, 18 October 2010


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Faith can move the mountain
That shadows the burdened heart
The high cliffs of despair
Will collapse and depart
Faith will lower the top
Of the mountain peak
Though faith’s strength be faltering
Feeble, trembling, weak

Faith can move the mountain
Lower it to the ground
When you look again
That mountain cannot be found
Eat of the Bread of Life
Drink from the living fountain
Put your faith in God
And it will move the mountain

You cannot see the way ahead
The mountain blocks the view
But a faith that’s exercised
Will make it flee from you
It’s the mountain of your burdens
Growing higher every day
Call in faith to God
And it will move away

Why try to climb its side
For you have not the might
In your strength alone
To scale its lofty height
Just put your faith in God
Call on Him and see
The mountain in your path
Arise away and flee

Colin Moffett
Singer....Joyce Close

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