Wednesday, 20 October 2010


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I often walk in memory
To my home of long ago
The trees growing round about
Where a river through a yard did flow
Back to the scenes of childhood
Of things I remember still
The white thatched house in the valley
Neath the shadow of the Old Blackkhill
I see in my minds eye
The scenes that go by
The row of washing on the line
Where Mum hung it out to dry
The well of spring water
That quenched our thirst each day
And the chaff mattress on the beds
When down to sleep we lay

Memories my memories
Of the place where I abode
The place of my childhood
On that corner of the old Race Road 

I often walked the meadow
Fished sticklebacks from a stream
Lay on its grassy banks
Where a young boy he could dream
It’s where I met my Saviour
Who means the world to me
I give him a young boy’s heart
And He set it gloriously free
So many things that happened
Of them I can recall
But it would take far too long
For me to relate them all
I see the open fire
Replaced by a stove glowing hot
To fry a pan of onions
Or boil potatoes in a pot


The table by the window
Where the family it did dine
Mum and Dad sitting there
With their family of nine
The Tilley lamp lit at night
Was modernised to gas
The wireless and record player
Helped the time to pass
The outside toilet in the yard
Gas mantles lit with a match
The roof letting the raindrops in
So my Dad replaced the thatch
Forever I will carry
These memories of yesterday
The scenes of my childhood
When thoughts to them will stray


Colin Moffett
Singer.....Joyce Close

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