Tuesday, 19 October 2010


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Blue Hills of Antrim and green glens as well
The coastal road by the mighty ocean swell
Meadows and forests and where rivers run free
The countryside of home is where I will be

Oh Ireland my country, my dear lovely land
Created with such beauty by God’s mighty hand
As my life lingers on and I can breathe still awhile
I’ll thank Him each day for this Emerald Isle

Breathing the air so pure and so clean
Treading upon the grass so rich and so green
The beauty on offer is what I enjoy
It pulls at the heartstrings of this country boy


I will walk this land as long as I may
The hillsides and valleys and by the coastal way
And ponder in my heart, how can it be
That a land more beautiful is waiting for me


When I close my eyes and bid a last farewell
To the hills, quiet forests and the mighty ocean swell
When Ireland her glens I never more will roam
I shall see greater beauty in my heavenly land of home

Colin Moffett
 Singer....Joyve Close

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