Monday, 18 October 2010


Heaven’s gates are opening
Slowly swinging wide
A gentle voice is calling
It’s time to come inside
The journey home is ended
Weary was your way
I guided your every footstep
And give you strength each day


Heaven now your home
Come in come in well done
Your earthly journey is over
And your race now is run

I counted your every breath
Each beating of your heart
When you simply trusted me
And for Home you made a start
The angels now are welcoming
The streets of gold in view
And in my Father’s house
A mansion waits for you

No more the heartaches
The doubts and the fears
I will gently reach my hand
And brush away your tears
There is no more darkness
Neither day or night
Death will never touch you
And your attire a robe of white

Hear how I eagerly greet you
Welcome home my child
The lost lamb I searched for
Gathered from the mountain wild
I died for you in agony
On cross I took your place
I rose for you in triumph
And saved you by my grace

Gaze upon my princely head
Once crowned with thorn for you
See my nail scarred hands
As I reach to you my two
For I am welcoming you to Heaven
This place of perfect peace
Where joy and happiness is yours
In an eternity that will never cease


Colin Moffett
Singer.....Joyce Close

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